Sustainability is at the heart of who we are at Juliette O Designs.  

All our designed fabrics have British and European raw linen materials which are woven and printed in Britain. They are all natural and sustainable, and do not contain any plastics or aggressors. They will have a long lifespan in line with their usage providing many years for you to enjoy and will biodegrade over time without damaging the environment or leaving plastic waste. Unlike fabric containing plastic they will not last forever - we believe this is a good thing.  

Juliette's ingenious approach to design involves repurposing recycled and out-of-use materials to create distinctive textures and patterns that redefine luxury in a sustainable context. From discarded silk remnants to repurposed coffee grains, Juliette has transformed overlooked materials into unique fabric design gems. This innovative design philosophy has given our linen collections a distinct character and underscores our dedication to circular design principles. 

Linen is naturally biodegradable and recyclable and one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available. It is made from the flax plant and takes just 100 days from the seed being planted to the flax being ready to pull and the entire plant is used in the production process so nothing is wasted.  

Our fabrics are ethically and environmentally farmed in Europe with flax being sourced only from producers that hold a Master of Linen certification, a sign of excellence for linen 100% made in Europe, from field to yarn to fabric. A benchmark for both the trade and the consumer and means that our fabric is traceable, back to the field.  

Our patterned fabrics are digitally printed with this process having huge environmental benefits over screen-printing which uses far more power and water. Digital printing also favours a significant reduction in both waste and in its carbon footprint with its flexibility enabling us to use a print to order approach, thus avoiding any unecessary fabric wastage. Our printers use GOTS certified pigment inks which use less water than reactive dyes and any chemical usage is minimised and disposed of in a safe manner. 

Our luxurious fabrics align with the principles of responsible design and we take pride in contributing to a more sustainable and ethically conscious interior design industry.

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