Redefining Luxury Responsibly

Redefining Luxury Responsibly

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Juliette O Designs has become a member of Blue Patch, the renowned Sustainable Business Directory in the UK.

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Blue Patch serves as a comprehensive directory of products, services, and essential information championing the drive towards a more sustainable economic landscape and we are very excited to be a part of it.

Community led projects are also supported by Blue Patch too with 100% of their surplus revenue used to buy shares in community-owned renewable energy projects in the UK. Since 2019 they have invested in community benefit and coops in Brighton, Oxford, Swansea, Glasgow, Bristol, Essex, Buckinghamshire and London. 


Plume design made from expired coffee grains


At the heart of Juliette O Designs lies a real commitment to environmental responsibility, evident in our distinctive approach to design. By repurposing discarded and forgotten materials, we craft textures and patterns that redefine the very essence of luxury within a sustainable framework. Juliette's ingenuity transforms overlooked silk remnants and repurposed coffee grains into fabric design gems, showcasing a diverse range of techniques. This innovative design philosophy has given our linen collections a distinct character and underscores our dedication to circular design principles.

Juliette's background in textiles has instilled a great appreciation for linen as an exceptionally eco-friendly material. With a keen awareness of the environmental impact of conventional fabrics laden with plastics and chemicals, Juliette O Designs  hasb charted a different course and our exquisite fabrics are created with British and European raw linen . Our print-to-order system also significantly curtails wastage and underscores our resolute dedication to sustainability.

The blend of luxury and sustainability, embodied in our creations, has resonated strongly with interior designers and clients alike, marking what we hope is a shift towards more mindful choices in the industry. 

Plume inspired soft furnishings


Having recently joined Blue Patch we are very much looking forward to working with them on their ‘LET’S DO NET ZER0‘ programme to minimise our environmental impact with a broader collective effort.



We are so thrilled to have been announced as a Finalist in the Newcomer category of the 2024 Sustainable Business Awards!

Judges' Comments
'A lovely presentation and confident start to business from a mindful entrepreneur.'
'Very serious approach to accountability through design.'

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