About Juliette O Designs


Juliette's journey from a childhood filled with creativity to the establishment of Juliette O Designs reflects a mix of artistic passion, design education, and a commitment to sustainability.  

After graduating with a degree in Design, Juliette initially ventured into the world of retail and buying, gaining valuable experience in the industry. However, after starting a family, she decided to take a different path and pursue education. Juliette lectured in Textiles and Design for over 15 years, sharing her profound passion for design with a wider audience whilst also developing her own archive of sketchbook creativity which is now an integral part of the business. 

What sets Juliette apart as an artist is her use of a diverse range of techniques. Her artwork is a combination of hand embroidery, painting, wirework, drawing, paper cutting, photography, machine embroidery, printing, and textile manipulation. This eclectic mix positions her as a real mixed media artist, showcasing her versatility. 

Juliette's creative process is driven by her ability to visualise an idea and then explore multiple ways to express it. Her focus lies in capturing the design in her imagination, employing whatever materials and processes are readily available. Notably, she emphasises sustainability by often incorporating recycled and unused materials into her artwork, reflecting a commitment to environmental consciousness.



The therapeutic aspect of art has also played a crucial role in Juliette's creative journey, providing solace and inspiration during challenging times. Inspired by nature, her designs have a soothing quality which offer a sense of well-being to the observer, and add a personal and meaningful dimension to her creative story.  

With Juliette’s calming sketchbook designs receiving such positive feedback, she started to design and produce a small homeware collection, and in 2022, her long-time friend and sister-in-law, Keran Fordham joined the venture and the business pivoted to focus on interior fabrics. Keran's extensive experience in the corporate world, including her most recent role as Vice President General Manager at Estee Lauder Companies, attested to her passion for business. The fusion of their distinct skills has culminated in the successful launch of the Juliette O Designs fabric collections at Decorex in 2023.  

This luxury textile studio focuses on creating original designs for nature lovers who prioritise environmental consciousness, style, and authenticity. The resulting beautiful linen fabric collections reflect the studio's dedication to producing sustainable products without compromising on quality.

artichoke paper cut


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