Introducing our fabulous new luxury fabrics!

Introducing our fabulous new luxury fabrics!

Our new collection of beautiful linen fabrics is now live and over the next few weeks we will gradually be introducing them to our website.

To recap, Juliette O Designs is a fabulous new luxury fabric design company serving the interior design industry with beautiful and sustainable fabrics available by the metre.  

Inspired by nature, Juliette O Designs fabrics are printed on natural materials and manufactured in the UK with sustainability in mind. A regular injection of new designs means that there is always plenty to delight, and collections are complemented with a selection of plain and textured fabrics to suit each design and colourway. 

Juliette uses lots of different techniques and materials to express her ideas

From a childhood of creativity to finding solace in art through challenging times, Juliette has always had a love of design and making and the development of her sketchbook archive has led to a beautiful collection of sustainable linens which are perfect for luxury interiors.  

An ongoing battle with several autoimmune conditions led to a suggestion of counselling but actually the thing that really helped her get through this time was totally losing herself in creativity.   

Juliette says ”I cannot stress how much the art therapy helped me, in the moment of creating I wasn’t thinking about anything else and it was my form of mindfulness. Every sketchbook page I completed allowed me to gradually heal, it gave me a real sense of achievement and, more importantly, hope.“


 Artwork and cushion fabric from the Emerging Bud range, part of the Garden Collection and developed from a mixed media piece created using 6 different techniques!


The artwork for many of Juliette’s designs combine a number of techniques including hand embroidery, painting, wirework, drawing, paper cutting, photography, machine embroidery, printing and textile manipulation so she's clearly a mixed media artist!  

With Juliette’s calming sketchbook designs receiving such positive feedback, business ideas started forming and in 2022 Juliette was joined by her lifelong friend and sister-in-law Keran who she met at Art College. Together their complementary skills have led to the launch of the Juliette O Designs fabric collection.  


 The Plume Range - inspired by a feather exploration in Juliette's sketchbook


You can see our latest designs here with more to be added over the coming weeks!



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