Celebrating Blues in 2024

Celebrating Blues in 2024

It’s clear to see a recurring theme with this year's interior colour predictions as blue undeniably emerges as a dominant force. Renowned for its ability to instill a sense of peace, blue has long been associated with fostering positive moods and the tranquil and the positive aura evoked by blue resonates with people, making it a colour perpetually linked to feelings of optimism and calm. As Karen Haller says in her publication 'The Little Book of Colour', light blue creates feelings of calm and serenity and dark blue aids focus and concentration, she also notes that blue generally has positive psychological attributes including honesty and integrity.

Sky Blue Fir Cone print linen fabric by Juliette O DesignsFir Cone linen fabric in Sky Blue

Inspired by the hues of the natural world, oceanic tones and sky blues, (think Fir Cone Sky-blue and Emerging Leaf/Emerging Sprigs in Blue Haze) you can always count on the enduring beauty of blue to foster a connection between design and the environment. 

Plume Mix fabric print design in Teal BluePlume Mix Small in Teal


Blue's popularity in interiors is not just about following a design wave; it's about crafting a timeless and elegant home that transcends passing fads. This trend is not about confining yourself to a single shade of blue - from tranquil pastels to deep navy, the blue palette offers a broad spectrum of possibilities and we will also be adding some more to our Collections in the coming months!

Every shade of blue tells a story, creating spaces that resonate with tranquility, sophistication, and the enduring charm that defines true style simply by embracing the serenity of blues. 

Artichoke Teal

Trends come and go, but some timeless hues have the power to captivate and endure - one such colour is the versatile and calming Colour Blue.   

It’s all about infusing spaces with a sense of calm sophistication. One of the key aspects of featuring blue in your interiors is its adaptability as it effortlessly integrates into any design philosophy. 


Emerging Leaf in Blue Haze upholstery weight linen

 Emerging Leaf in Blue Haze (Upholstery weight) linen

This delicate shade effortlessly blends with the trend's emphasis on creating living spaces that exude peace and tranquility. Whether draping windows or adorning furnishings, this palette certainly invites a sense of serenity.

See here for our full range of exquisite shades for restful spaces .

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