Wow! I've just had the private view for my solo exhibition at The Collection and I am really chuffed with how well it went. Around 40 people attended which was amazing and my Wall Art was really well received. I have now well and truly launched! 

All set up and ready to go. Yes, I was a little nervous but no, I did not drink all of the prosecco!

After all that excitement I am now furiously making things to build my stock back up again in time for the forthcoming designer/maker fair on the 26th October and painting my display boards, no rest for the wicked!



I have been busily making lots of stock for my various Autumn projects and in the process I have developed some of my designs in additional formats - which I'm glad to say have been suprisingly effective. I orginally made the 'Sea Garden' range in a small size only (230mm x 230mm x 45mm) but I wanted to see if it still worked in a larger scale so I doubled the size and am really pleased with the results. I added some handstitched french knots to the beading in the centre of the flowers to give them more of an impact. The larger size measures 520mm x 520mm x 45mm.






'Little & Large' Sea Garden

I have also been working on a larger 'Winter Landscape' piece. I realised that the larger piece needed some more elements to make it work effectively so I added some extra pieces : a wire tree and some pearl cotton and wire fringing did the job. The larger piece measures 520mm x 520mm x 45mm and the smaller piece is 230mm x 230mm x 45mm.

Enlarged landscape piece with wire tree and extra fringng layer

'Little & Large' Landscape pieces

And as if that wasn't enough, I have also been looking at developing my landscape idea further using slightly different colours and media. I have incorporated raw silks, beads, wire work and watercolour into this item.

This piece measures 325mm x 235mm x 35mm


photography by Lauren Pinhorn

& Juliette Orton

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