Emerging Bud

This Collection has a range of products based on the theme of an emerging bud. Products range from a greeting card to a 520mm x 520mm framed mixed media piece. The largest artworks are made using a range of processes such as hand printed papers, machine and hand embroidery and manipulated wire shapes which are then mounted on natural linen. Each piece is unique.





Developed from an original sketch of an elephant's eye, this range uses silk manipulation, hand printed papers and machine embroidery on linen to create abstract imagery in a range of sizes. 

Developed from my Marine Life sketchbook, this collection uses a layering effect to add depth to the fish shoal. Some fish are hand cut out to reveal a second 'layer' of fish behind. Occasionally fish in silver leaf are revealed to give a glimpse of that illusive sparkle that occurs when sunlight hits the silvery scales of a fish.






Landscapes generally have a variety of textures which lend themselves to a mixed media format and this enabled me to consider using a range of different techniques such as printing, machine embroidery, paper cutting and also more general material manipulation for my work. I decided to give my landscapes depth not just by using different textures on one layer but by considering multiple layers. 



There is always something uplifting about coastlines, where the land meets the sea and birds fly out of sight into the horizon. This range uses many techniques which include machine and hand stitching, paper cutting, painting and fibre manipulation. Materials used include watercolours, silks, wools, card, steel pins, felt and threads. A framed piece measures 40 x 50cms.

Sea Garden

Based on marine life, sea urchins and starfish, this collection uses a range of materials which include silk and linen. Products range from a greeting card to a 520mm x 520mm framed mixed media piece which is made using machine and hand embroidery and silk shapes which are sewn onto natural linen.



This Collection is based on a feather shape and the artwork is made using a range of papers, some of which are hand printed. Machine embroidery is used to layer the papers which are backed with natural linen. 




photography by Lauren Pinhorn

& Juliette Orton

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