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Juliette O Designs Blog

  • A Conscious and Contented Home

    We are spending more time than ever at home and are consequently looking for spaces that bring us comfort both physically and emotionally.  We are seeking reassurance and need our homes to bring us inner calm and contentment so we can start to make sense of the world.
  • Guest Blog : Where Inspiration Blooms

    Introducing my first guest blog which I hope will become a regular feature bringing together people and businesses connected to art & design, nature, interiors and wellbeing to bring you fun, inspirational and informative content.

    In this instalment we welcome ‘Where Inspiration Blooms’, a fabulously creative place which runs a huge array of courses and workshops to feed the soul.

  • Is choosing 'Brave Ground' brave?

    Love it or hate it, this warm, natural shade of beige certainly brings a sense of balance to any room and, when paired with other more dramatic colours in the complimentary Dulux range, it does have the potential to offer some more excitement!
  • My life in Stitch!

    Thinking back to my school days and Needlework makes me reflect on how important Textiles and Sewing have been in my life, from stitched felt egg cosies at primary school to making ball gowns and taking in jeans for friends, I'm sure that I can actually document my whole life by different sewing projects!
  • Holiday Creativity at the coast!

    Whenever I have the chance to decompress and visit the coast I always find that my creative batteries get recharged and I am brimming with ideas. A previous visit to Cornwall was no exception and I felt inspired to try and recreate the coastal landscapes I had seen using mixed media.
  • How heading to the coast can help our wellbeing and creativity

    Visiting the coast can help to trigger creativity and this in turn helps to boost our general sense of wellbeing. Doodling can be very cathartic – do away with being self-critical this is a time for not overthinking, just see where the creativity takes you!
  • Bringing the outside in!

    You can introduce this season’s explosion of blooms into your home by adding simple stand out pieces to great effect with eye-catching luxury home interior pieces.
  • Hockney at the NPG - and my own life drawing classes!

    I was lucky enough to see the David Hockney exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery  (pre Coronavirus) which was such a treat and reminded me of my own eventful life drawing classes!
  • The Healing Power of Art Therapy

    I cannot stress how much the art therapy helped me, in the moment of creating I wasn’t thinking about anything else and it was my form of mindfulness. Every sketchbook page I completed allowed me to gradually heal, it gave me a real sense of achievement and, more importantly, hope.
  • Dancing in the dark

    And so it was that many (many!) years ago that I was taken, as a student, on an adventure to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Our tutor told us that we had been allowed rare access to a dress rehearsal of a ballet and not only did we need to be silent but we also had to draw the ballerinas in the dark!

  • My new blog!

    Announcing the launch of my new blog for 2020! You'll be hearing more from me in 2020 (gulp) as well as learn about where my ideas come from and how they develop into my final designs. I will also touch on #sketchbookarttherapy, exhibitions and inspiration, other designers , talks/workshops, family history, excursions, natural influences and my local area.