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6 Ways to Connect with Nature (even from inside!)


Today the sun is shining and it is a joy to be outside. It’s still a little fresh out there but the temperature is pretty insignificant, as long as the sun is shining everything seems better and possibilities abound.

In this time of great turmoil around the world, being able to stand still with the sun on your face seems almost indulgent but it is these simple pleasures that are currently giving me the most joy. The emergence of amazing sunshine yellow daffodils just shout spring and even though I am not really a big fan of the colour yellow, I can’t help but smile.


Nature is a constant and despite what we throw at it the seasons keep changing - maybe a little more irregularly these days but it still happens and it is a wonder when it does and a source of continued inspiration too of course.

Watching, listening and reading about nature is also something I find incredibly restorative, apparently even seeing a picture of nature can calm us, so I am going to share a few gems with you that connect me with the outside and I find so valuable.

Watching :

1. @anyathegardenfairy (Anya Lautenbach) on insta with her inspirational posts about propagating plants, she makes me believe that even I can do it! Anya is Polish and uses gardening to help her mental health as so many do. For me it is a sketchbook that keeps me sane but I occasionally dabble in very amateur gardening too. Let’s be frank, if it brings you joy who cares?!

2. For visual inspiration try Rona Wheeldon’s @flowerona account of simply stunning flower photography. So many sensational images and she also has an award winning floristry blog too!


3. Ruth Allen’s book ‘Grounded’ - how connection with nature can improve our mental and physical wellbeing is such a good read for being present in nature and feeling connected with the great outdoors. I bought the book some time ago and sadly I have only just got around to reading it! At its heart is helping you learn how to cultivate a relationship with nature and that can only be a good thing for your heart and soul.

4. Nests by Susan Ogilvy My Mum bought this as a gift for a bird lover after hearing about it on the radio and couldn't resist showing it to me first. I was very jealous as it is a beautiful book with breathtaking illustrations, the text is very interesting too!


5. Sarah Layton of @growthfully encourages wellbeing-led garden design and therapeutic conversation. Her podcast My Garden, My Life is so informative and I particularly enjoyed listening to the episode with Emily Wheeler about Biophilia and Furnishing Futures.

6. Sleep Sounds by Nature This podcast shares many calming sounds of nature from birds and rain to rivers and crickets - perfect for closing your eyes and immersing yourself in nature for inner calm!


You can read about our new appreciation for the natural world and our place in it here and about how to connect your interior to nature in this blog.

You can also see my nature inspired homewares here




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