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Is choosing 'Brave Ground' brave?

'Brave Ground' is the Dulux Colour of the Year 2021 and there has certainly been very divided opinion about it. Michelle Ogundehin has very little to say about it, other than 'it's brown' whilst Kate Watson-Smyth from Mad About The House says 'it's supposed to be a reassuring colour that reflects the strength we can draw from nature and our growing desire to align with the planet'.


Dulux Brave Ground Dezeen


Love it or hate it, this warm, natural shade of beige certainly brings a sense of balance to any room and, when paired with other more dramatic colours in the complimentary Dulux  range, it does have the potential to offer some more excitement at least!


Dulux Expresssive range 2021


The new Plume Blush Collection fits in well with the Dulux Expressive palette of pinks shades. The feather emblem creates a calming anchor with its natural Brave Ground tones, whilst the base shade of blush pink adds a contemporary nod to the proceedings.

Plume Blush cushion pile Juliette o designs

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