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5 Ways to start the day in a better way!

As mentioned in my previous blog, last year was brutal for me (and so many others). I dug deep and absorbed lots of media around; books, magazines, podcasts, blogs etc – the positive sort, not the self comparison type. I made myself get up earlier than usual and threw myself into trying out a new morning routine and after a while I started to see real benefits and breathe again.

As I work from home and set my own timetable it is very easy to let the day slide and claim I’m too busy to do this… but that is exactly the point. This routine calmed me right down and put me in the best position to face the day and achieve all the things on that list. I really can get this done in less than an hour and start the day in a positive mind set!

  1. Hydration

The first thing I do in the morning is reach for my water bottle and drink about half of it. We’re really starting with a basic here I know but for some reason this is one I have always had a bit of a problem with – I am a freak of nature! As a child I never seemed to get thirsty like my friends did and it never occurred to me that if I drank more it would encourage a thirst. So, avoid those headaches, flush out those toxins and get that brain working at its optimum level, ready to start the day!


Calm 50

          2. Meditation

      Having tried this out a few times in the past and quickly decided that it wasn’t for me,  I am a recent convert. With my busy mind it is not easy to stop it wandering but that’s ok, I’m getting there and that’s the point. Giving myself time to relax and calm the chatter just for 10 minutes has been incredibly beneficial to me and I do feel much more able to cope with lifes challenges. Sometimes I do a guided meditation and sometimes I listen to a story, I mix it up depending on my mood and the time available. I have found the Calm App suits me best but there are quite a few to choose from.


             3. Journaling

      Something I never thought was for me. What do you write and how does it help? What you write is whatever is on your mind - it doesn’t have to be War and Peace, just a few lines will do if that’s how you’re feeling but being able to articulate anything that’s on your mind really helps to process it and leave it on the page. Some days I write something inspirational that I can revisit later on and sometimes I just mention what's happening in the garden or how my health is that day, either way it helps me to put any worries to one side and get on with the day.


      Pilates Hound

      1. Exercise/getting outside

      So, with my battered body (MS/RA), exercising is easy to avoid but oh so beneficial that I would be a fool not to incorporate it into my day in some way. I actually do a quick 10min Pilates session on YouTube in the morning as a bare minimum (I watch Robin Long but there are plenty to choose from) and the Hound sometimes tries to copy me with his Downward Dog! I also try to get outside in nature too to really benefit from those endorphins. I’m late to the party on this one but it turns out that movement really is key to your wellbeing.


      1. Reading (book, affirmation etc)

      Now I love a good book and once I’ve got into a gripping storyline I find it hard to put down so when I read in the morning I go to non-fiction (the power of learning) and read a small amount each day. The thing is, because it’s a small amount, I really absorb the information and sometimes I write on the page (sacrilege I know, sorry!) and highlight bits that really resonate with me.

      My recent book crushes have been:

      • The Artists’s Way by Julia Cameron
      • The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin
      • The Empowered Entrepeneur by Elizabeth Cairns
      • How to Style your brand by Fiona Humberstone


      I promise you, if you start your day with these 5 things on a regular basis you will absolutely feel their positive benefits.

      Now that you’ve got your mind and body sorted, how about doing something creative?!


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