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What's your word for 2022?

snowdrops represent hope

Happy New Year!


It’s taken a while for me to emerge from the trauma of 2021 but, like a reluctant bud, I am now finally starting to unfurl and gradually take shape. I am actually very excited about the ideas I have for 2022 and am just taking my time to clarify things and put them in the right place ready for the year ahead.


I have read many posts about having a word for this year and noted that Ariana Huffington (CEO of Thrive Global) has chosen ‘Resilience’ as hers which seems to have clearly resonated with many people for understandable reasons. I have certainly needed to draw on my own resilience and dig deep in recent months but as I am gradually coming through those dark days my word for 2022 is ‘Nurture’.


With Juliette O Designs I aim to help you nurture your home with beautiful homeware to create a calming stylish environment which you love being in and in the process help you to also nurture some creativity, a love of nature and yourself too!


On a personal note, nurturing myself has never come easily to me, but moving into 2022 I am learning to prioritise with some new self-care strategies that I have recently implemented and are already started to pay off - I feel really quite positive about future possibilities. I am also starting to come out of my sketchbook procrastination phase and nurture my own creativity which always feels good and I look forward to sharing my progress with you over the coming months.


Whatever your chosen word for 2022 is, let’s make it a good one (incidentally, snowdrops are symbols of optimism and hope and that seems like as good a place as any to start!).

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